Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Nollen Group is committed to integrating socially responsible investment principles into our projects and companies. Typically, our Ecosystems team works with local partners in areas of depressed economic development to build businesses that have community service at their core. Nollen Group is dedicated to addressing the nexus of social benefit and environmental prosperity through sound economic development.

Featured Company: Ecological Restoration Capital


Ecological Restoration Capital (ERC) is a socially and environmentally focused business financed by Nollen Group Ecosystems that is currently operating in Eastern Cape Province, ¬†South Africa. The team’s community focus has generated 57 long-term jobs in rural townships where families live on an average of just $3.00 per day and unemployment is above 65%. ERC provides unparalleled skills, health and technical training to its employees. The company is also pioneering efforts to cultivate local talent into management positions while adopting a local procurement policy to ensure that business development spreads throughout neighboring¬†stagnant¬†economies.

ERC’s mission is to develop rural economies that protect the environment while providing long-term careers to under-served areas. Nollen Group has provided ERC the capital and know-how to successfully launch this first of its kind environmental venture. Please visit the ERC website to learn more.