Ginkgo – Biomass Efficient cost effective Biomass Boiler Nollen Group has developed a highly efficient and cost effective Biomass Boiler. It utilizes a very unique combustion chamber design for optimal air distribution and mixing to achieve effective volatile combustion. The Ginkgo Boiler has been developed with innovative combustion advancements, which is the first of its kind to be offered in an integral furnace of this size and pressure.

  1. The Ginkgo Biomass Boiler will be able to fire sunflower husk, wood waste, saw dust, coconut shells, wood pellets, and as a back up fuel even high CV coal.
  2. The Ginkgo Boiler has been specifically designed to deal with extremely poor fuel with lower density, lower calorific value, higher moisture level and ash with higher fouling and slagging characteristics.
  3. The grate has been designed for higher fuel flexibility to deal with inconsistent supply of fuel and seasonal variation of fuel. The combustion technology is based on the optimization of grate and combustion chamber design to reduce emission, increase efficiency and reduce carryovers and reduce unburned to negligible level.

Ginkgo – Natural Gas CO2 Neutral Natural Gas Boiler Nollen Group is working on the development of a CO2 Neutral Natural Gas Boiler, with an innovative flue gas filter, since we see the global requirement to develop CO2 neutral natural gas boilers. At the moment most developments in this sector focus on removal of CO2 mainly as a carbon capture and storage behind large power plants, with coal as a fuel. The filter based will consume far less energy than traditional filters and we will also provide as a by product high purity CO2 (half ) products.